13 Sep 2016


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Agency-client breakups sometimes cause heartache. Other times, though, they spark a final bit of inspiration that leads to an all-hands, Johnny Cash-fueled music video shoot inside an 1850s textile mill.

Such was the case when we learned that our tenure with Gorton’s Seafood was ending. The split was a result of agency consolidation and completely amicable. Actually, more than amicable. The fact is that over the nine years of working with the brand, we learned many valuable lessons, created very successful, innovative marketing programs and, more than anything, gained true friendships and valuable agency partnerships.

And so, we were determined to use the opportunity to set an example on how to end a business relationship well and leave the door wide open. Truthfully, we’ve only had three relationships end over the last sixteen years. Somewhat inexperienced in saying goodbyes, we decided to do it as only Rinck would and lean into our own brand DNA – “You’re going to love what happens next.”

This past June, when the Rinck team would have otherwise been in Gloucester, Massachusetts, at a Gorton’s planning meeting, nearly every member of Rinck’s staff of 38 gathered inside the Bates Mill – top supplier of blankets to the Union Army during the Civil War – in Lewiston, Maine, and filmed our own rendition of “We’ll Meet Again” with live instruments. The song was made famous by Vera Lynn in 1939 and covered by Johnny Cash in 2002 in his final album “American IV: The Man Comes Around.” It was the Cash version that inspired us.

The final three-minute music video features Neal Jandreau, Rinck’s Director of Digital Content and Strategy, on lead vocals and guitar. Outside his agency role, Neal is a professional musician who plays in the acoustic duo, Stealing North. Director of Dynamic Integration, Kristy Phinney, and I were featured in the video with spoken word solos, and Public Relations Director, Katie Greenlaw, led a female a cappella verse. Our esteemed and musically talented CEO Peter Rinck played violin and Production Artist, Melissa Simmons, played ukulele to accompany Neal and Peter.

Candid, behind-the-scenes footage of the Rinck staff and the film crew are shown throughout the music video. We partnered with filmmaker, Ramsey Tripp of Trade-mark R Productions and Tom McPherson to make the music video. By the way, Ramsey Tripp and Tom McPherson didn’t hesitate to jump on board to document what was clearly a cathartic experience for the agency.

It’s immensely gratifying that even when the news is not what we would wish, we could come together and create something that we do, in fact, love. We hope that our friends at Gorton’s also loved what happened next and we sincerely wish them all the best in the future.