27 Feb 2017

Break the Block: Volume XII

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Break the Block - Rinck Advertising

Fresh Start

In the creative process is it way too easy to get stuck on an idea. Our brains constantly circling back to the same concept like a song repeating in our head. It is the ear worm for creative thinkers. Let’s call it the brain worm, and it is so hard to let go of. There are times where enough is enough. We MUST force ourselves to let go, because for some reason, it is not solving the problem that is being presented. It could be our team saying this, it could be the client, and it could be even ourselves after the fiftieth attempt at making something out of it. WE need a fresh start. A blank slate. Clear our mind, and not let ourselves go back there. Grab a fresh sketch pad, and go find a corner and draw. Restart your computer, and restart your programs, with BLANK documents. Start all over again, and begin with a different process than you did before. It can be overwhelming at first, and the URGE to go back to that other concept will come again. LET IT GO.