09 Sep 2016

Break the Block: Volume VII

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Rinck Advertising - Break the Block

The Power of a Scribble

I recently read an interview featured on AIGA with the Italian Illustrator Jonathan Calugi. He is infamous for his line drawings, often out of one SINGLE line, connecting two points. I was inspired by his description of just losing control in his process. That is one of the most important things for us as creatives to do at times. “Creativity can come from making a lot of mistakes.” I myself call them “happy accidents” and I believe these happy accidents are a result of our own individual creative minds solving problems and making something great. We need to trust our creativity and let it flow through even just one scribble. Growing up I played this game with my mom at a restaurant while waiting for dinner. We called it the scribble game. In an effort to keep me entertained and not constantly asking where dinner was, Mom would scribble on a napkin ONE line. Then I had to take it and create a picture out of it. I still play this game today, and have even played it with teams here at Rinck. In groups, it got us talking, got us processing together and even having fun. Just think of what else a SCRIBBLE can do.


Rinck Advertising - Break the Block: Scribble