14 Nov 2016

Break the Block: Volume IX

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Break the Block - Rinck Advertising

Get Started

Ahhh procrastination. It hits us all at one point in our process. I blame most of mine on fear of not having a good idea. It is all based on fear, of not being able to achieve my goal, of underperforming or just plain failing. As I find myself in the depths of procrastination mode (meaning I have said I will start it tomorrow for about the 7th day in a row) I try to stop myself. I ask myself, what is ONE thing I can do to just get this started. Is it just getting scrap paper and starting to sketch something out? Is it GOOGLING something? Is it writing some questions I have about the brief. It could EVEN be as simple as starting a new illustrator or Photoshop document, and getting it prepped to spec, pulling in required client assets, then the creativity just starts to kick in. All I have to do is start with one simple step, and then everything gains momentum from there.