16 Nov 2017

Stretchy Brands (feat. Aston Martin)

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James Bond drove the iconic car brand. But he never had to live in his Aston Martin.

Now he can.

As reported by CNN, The British luxury automobile maker announced it is licensing its name to an ultra-high-end residential tower in Miami, Florida. The 65-story condo building, to be completed in 2021, will sell units priced up to $50 million each.

Do you expect me to talk? No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to buy!

02 Nov 2017

7 job titles that didn't exist before millennials

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To read this article in its original version visit the Los Angeles Times.

Advertising and marketing agency job titles used to be a lot more concise and straightforward. A marketing assistant was someone who had a supporting role on marketing projects. Didn't matter what type of project it was. If the marketing director needed help, the assistant got pulled in.

20 Sep 2017

Account Diaries: Onboarding

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Your phone buzzes and before you can digest what that means your thumb has already swiped right and your eyes are gazing at the screen. Weeks have passed leading up to this moment. Countless hours dedicated just to get here—you got the date! This was not just a tinder, swipe right - swipe left scenario, no this is the big leagues. You put pen to paper – well fingers to keyboard, but you get it. You took a look under the hood at what differentiates you, your principles, and where you stand.

13 Sep 2017

Let Your Hair Down

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I usually don’t have a problem getting up early. But if there is bacon involved, it’s easier. When the most recent Social Media Breakfast email invite came in, I got a little excited. They were going to be covering best practices for Facebook LIVE and Instagram Stories: two newer ways of sharing content on social media that can be a little intimidating at first attempt. I know I know – there are SO many ways to deliver the message already.

16 Aug 2017

Brand Comfort

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Some might call me an opportunist for thinking of our current state of affairs in this way, but I prefer to think of it as an acknowledgement of a deep-seated need among consumers right now: A need for comfort.

It doesn’t take much to notice that folks are a little bit on edge these days. Each news cycle brings more uncertainty, more despair – and in some cases, more fear. It’s not clear where people are going for comfort, or, if they’re going there, whether they’ve received any.

27 Jun 2017

Welcoming Gen Z to the Workplace

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Move over Millennials, there’s a new generation entering the workplace this year that is grabbing the attention of Human Resource Directors and C-Suite executives, just when they finally figured you out.

2017 marks the first year that the Generation Z cohort is hitting the job market, leaving business executives scratching their heads about how to attract the post-Millennial generation. Welcoming Gen Z-ers is happening at the same time the workforce is saying goodbye to approximately 3.6 million Baby Boomers.

23 Jun 2017

Remembering an Advertising Legend

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Earlier this month, the legendary marketing strategist Jack Trout passed away. Along with his business partner, Al Ries, the consummate ad man made the notion of ‘brand positioning’ the holy grail of successful marketing.

Their book, published in 1981, ‘Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind’ became a clarion call for businesses large and small: To win, occupy a space where your competitors aren’t. And that space is in the consumer’s mind.

14 Jun 2017

#Sponsored Posts Get an Instagram Makeover

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For anyone who’s active on social media, there’s no doubt you’ve seen a sponsored post on your feed. No, not a paid post from a brand on Facebook, but a sometimes subtle, sometimes not so subtle endorsement of a product by an influencer you know and love. Unlike traditional paid ads on social these are, more often than not, a lot harder to identify. It’s the first line of copy in the blog, or buried on the hashtags on a post: “We partnered with X” or “#ad”.

03 May 2017

The (3)411 on PR Crises

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Public Relations

posted on behalf of Sarah Fuller.

There are a handful of PR pros who can’t wait to say goodbye to April, a month that has its fair share of PR crises (Pepsi, United, Press Secretary Sean Spicer), but United wins the endurance prize following the incident where a passenger was violently dragged off flight 3411 and United botched its response multiple times, kept themselves flailing about in the news day after day, and I assume, kept their PR agency chomping antacids into the wee hours of the morning.