06 Oct 2015

#SoExcited - Instagram Advertising

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Today is like Christmas for this digital media planner! Instagram has finally opened up their advertising platform, making it more accessible to advertisers like Rinck Advertising by integrating placements in the Facebook Power Editor tool. They actually began the roll out on October 1st, but because they didn’t want to crash their server the roll out has been slow. We know this because I have been harassing Facebook on the daily, trying to find out when we would have access.

15 Dec 2014

Retargeting- Not as Creepy as You Think

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I always enjoy explaining retargeting to a person who is unfamiliar with the term. Usually, as soon as I begin explaining it a light bulb goes off and they realize that they have experienced retargeting. My favorite response was from my mother when I explained to her how retargeting works- “So Talbots doesn’t just serve me ads because they think I look good in their clothes?”