17 Sep 2014

Apple Watch

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We have learned Apple’s latest “reveal.” Larger iPhones, the Apple Watch and the iWallet. It’s hard to predict what will happen, but when Apple rolls, they tend to bring the industry forward. And while the Apple Watch is on my want list, iWallet is going to really shake things up in unexpected ways.

Apple introduced the iPhone in 2005, (the same year Facebook debuted). In 2009, the iPad launched (the same year Facebook really “scaled” to over 350 million Users). Nothing has been the same since. 

Apple, as a technology innovator, shaped a generation almost immediately. We call them Millennials and they were fast adopters. Today they are 14-35 years old. They don’t consume media like anything we have ever seen. They don’t interact with each other like any other age group. They are amazing.

Some facts we know:

  • The don’t consume media like other age groups. They multi-screen. If they watch TV at all, they are likely to have their phone in hand, a tablet and/or laptop open and in use. The TV they watch is likely to be time shifted using Hulu or YouTube, but more likely Netflix or Amazon.
  • They are social. Their friends and family have great influence. Institutions do not.
  • They believe in social change. They believe they can change the world. 
  • They crave experience.

This Millennial age group has the Internet in their hands at all times, every day. And they have their friends and family at their fingertip.

For brands, the change is profound and rapid. In nearly every case, the marketing reaction has been slow to adapt. It is likely that your brand, or even industry, has become invisible to them. A large segment of the next generation is adopting new habits, new brands and new behaviors that don’t conform to the old norms.

Whatever Apple or Samsung or Google does next will likely change the behavior of this Generation again. And for the one that follows, who knows? The modern ad agency will be challenged like never before to help clients navigate rapid cycles of innovation, discovery, change and abandonment. Remaining relevant in a global world of options requires adaptable strategies and multiple tactics.