17 Mar 2014

Advertising an Attitude


Leading up to the 2014 Olympics, a commercial featuring identical twins Tracy and Lanny Barnes was released. The ad was relatively simple in that it only used two frames throughout the entire time, but the choice in music and the display of copy made it emotionally invoking.

It began by comparing the twins and their successes as athletes, but took a dramatic turn once you read that one made the Olympics and the other did not. The story is intriguing and leaves you wanting to know what happens next… Or more importantly, which brand the advertisement was even for.

As it turns out, the commercial is for Guinness and is part of their Made of More campaign. It is a perfect example of how in advertising it is not always about showcasing the product, but creating an impactful ad where the consumer relates to and remembers the brand. The senior brand manager of Guinness, Nick Britton, believes that the Made of More campaign “resonates with drinkers.” He said “the Made of More positioning reflects a shared attitude that Guinness has with its drinkers and is not defined by a single age, class or demographic.”

In the case of this particular advertisement, it ends by stating: The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character. This is a powerful message to everyone regardless of his or her background. This new creative direction for Guinness “presents great territory to connect with consumers who never settle for ordinary.” 

The commercial makes you want to be a better person and it puts your actions into perspective – at least for the moment.

Although there is no obvious connection between Tracy and Lanny Barnes and Guinness, the commercial is memorable and relatable so that you never forget whom it’s for. Viewed from a creative standpoint, as I went back and re-watched the ad, I noticed that the brand’s colors of black, white, and gold were used throughout. This is a very clever strategy of subliminally instilling the brand in consumers’ minds. Advertising should be creative and unique and it is essential to break away from the norm and think out side of the box; to make ads that consumers find interesting and relevant, and not always about the product.

The commercial was made by BBDO New York: http://www.bbdo.com

Quotes from: http://www.mccgp.co.uk/marketing-news/social-media-marketing/guinness-reinforces-made-of-more-positioning-in-new-campaign/3043/